Evidens saknas för etablissemangets råd om fett

Zoë Harcombe har gjort en sammanställning av evidensen för etablissemangets råd om fettintag. Evidens saknas.
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    Olle Holmqvist säger

    ”An increased consumption of margarine and vegetable oils was observed to parallel the increase in atopic manifestations in the late 20th century (20). Consequently, Black and Sharpe hypothesized that margarine and n-6 PUFAs increased the risk of developing allergy (20”

    ”Consumption of fish has repeatedly been associated with a decreased risk of allergy development
    in children.”

    ” Maternal consumption of oily fish during pregnancy was associated with a decreased risk of asthma in the children at five years of age, whereas no effect was found for the intake of lean fish,”

    ”fish also contains substantial amounts of vitamin D and selenium (108). A diet rich in fish and foods containing vitamin D was identified as ‘suggestive of benefit’ in a systematic review from 2014 of food-based approaches to affect atopic diseases in childhood by maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation (109). These findings were in accordance with a systematic review and meta-analysis from 2011, including studies evaluating nutrients and foods for the primary prevention of asthma and allergy”
    Just det, D-via fisk duger, tillskott behövs inte.
    Gös & släkting abborre lär vara rika på D. Filéer dyrt men gott

    ”The intake of the fatty acids 16:1 and 20:4 (arachidonic acid) and iodine was also higher in farm children, while the control children had a higher intake of carbohydrates.

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