Wheat Belly Blues

Via LCHF.se och Fat Head fick vi James Winninghams     Wheat Belly Blues.



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    Anders S säger

    Läs boken: William Davis, MD, Wheat Belly

    Rekommenderas! Går att låna på fjärrlån på biblioteket om de inte köper in den.

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    Finns Wheat Belly översatt till svenska?

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    Wheat Belly finns ännu inte översatt till svenska men det arbetatas på det och jag lobbar för det.
    /Per Wikholm

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    Glömde säga det…följ Annikas länk ovan till James Winnhams site och läs om hans livhistoria och hur uteslutande av vete förändrade hans liv. Ha en nästuk i beredskap…jag grät när jag läste denna historia.

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    Vill passa på att tipsa om denna intressanta artikeln på Newsvoice. Bra att skolmedicinen fortsätter granskas


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    Anders S säger
  7. 7

    På ålderns höst har jag lärt mig att knopa ihop låtar. När jag började med LCHF så har jag funderat på hur man skulle uttrycka den glädje och humanbiologiska naturlighet jag nu upplever. Men jag får inte till det. Det finns tyvärr inget sexigt med det vi håller på med. Vi bara mår bra, helt enkelt och det går inte att beskriva i en sång. Trodde jag. Även om musiken i låten tillhör min barndom så måste jag säga att texten är både sexig och fantastisk.

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  9. 9

    Så här säger de som gav boken en etta på amazon.com

    I bought both the book and the tape. I wanted to fully understand it. It is nothing more than another repackaged low carb diet.

    I’ve been wheat-free (and no sugary products) for 2+ weeks and so far … nothing. When you get close to the end of the book, he starts talking about REDUCING YOUR CARBS. This goes far beyond wheat. He says some folks might need to eat less than 30 carbs per day to lose the weight. Again, this isn’t just about wheat. I know I can lose weight on less than 30 carbs per day if I do away with the wheat or not.

    Why restrict beans, rice, potatoes, corn, etc., if taking the wheat out is so effective? Obviously, it’s not just about wheat. It’s about CARBS. Wheat accounts for most of our CARBS so if you take that out, you will lose weight if you don’t replace that with other carbs. After sorting through all the words, it’s all about carb reduction and a nice ”spin to sell a lot of books.”

    I really wish I could offer a different review because I want something that truly works but this is just my honest opinion.

    Who doesn’t know that refined wheat and sugars cause problems? From this book, I learned a tad bit about how today’s wheat has been altered. That information could have been conveyed in a magazine feature or an NPR interview. Once Dr. Davis made his point, I expected the book to guide me in making this change.
    I was wrong. You’ll be seduced by his rehash of other’s work and then just when you need some nutritional guidance, some meal pleans … you’ll get more theory.
    I have serious issues with this book.
    1. Dr. Davis urges a radical lifestyle change he provides little guidance for.
    There are some recipes in his book but not enough to build a life on. On his Facebook page he’s been promising recipes ”from his test kitchen” for three weeks. Not one recipe.

    2. His recipes have no nutritional analysis. But this is all about nutrition, no? In the rush to print, nutritional analysis costs money and takes time. Failure to include it in radical nutritional lifestyle change is a cheap out. A cop out. It’s sloppy and casts a shadow on credibility. If he wants readers to adopt his theory, they need a plan. I wish Amazon would note in the product description whether or not nutritional analyses are included in a book with recipes.

    3.And on his Facebook page he cheers on fawning admirers while dismissing anyone with serious questions and/or issues.

    Based on his Track Your Plaque business model, my feeling is Dr. Davis is building a ”fan base” to sell us something else for which this book is the set up. 12 lbs. of Grass Fed Ground Beef for $129.95? $220 Blood testing kits? In the future, maybe Gluten-free foods? A cookbook for sure. (To see what he sells now visit the Track Your Plaque website and click on Marketplace.)
    He is not helpful to readers in need of specific nutritional information or a plan for living.
    I’ve made some changes, found some success but none of it has been with the help of this book.
    It’s been from the many gluten-free blogs out there.

    Dr. Davis romances you enough with the theory of why going wheat-free is a good idea. But when you try implement the lifestyle concept he courted you with he leaves you standing at the altar! Davis is a man with a theory. But he’s not a man with a plan. Wheat Belly is a $30 mistake I didn’t have to make.

    The author has no credentials, no credibility, just a small cult of terriby misinformed followers. Don’t be fooled by the high volume screech against wheat and grains. Allegations of ”secret ingredients in wheat” to make you eat more, or comparisons to cigerettes. Seriously?! For over 8000 years wheat has sustained and grown human kind, oh and it tastes good when mixed with a little water and yeast. Every nutritionist and serious medical professional will tell you that bread is the most economical and safe source of essential nutrients. In fact, bread is handed out in natural disasters because it sustains life without food safety issues or requiring refrigeration. And now, suddenly it will kill you. Comical! This book is such a bone headed, misinformed way to just scare people into not eating.

    As for secret ingredients, humm, apparently the author is ignorant of the food laws that regulate everything that goes into food and on food labels. Unlike some enforcement agencies, the FDA has some serious teeth behind its enforcement. As for frankenwheat, again seriously?! Wheat, due to its ubiquitous presence in the world is treated as sacrosant from any GMO research or development.

    If you need real, science based information on healthy eating, check out […] and leave this book and its cult in the compound.

    Trist att du köper the hype Annika….

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    The issue with wheat is more than carbs. It’s the inflammatory nature of wheat as well, which messes up blood chemistry. This is different than any other low-carb book.

    Hats off to Dr. Davis for exposing the issues with genetically modified wheat. Since the federal government has pushed citizens to increase the whole wheat intake and reduce the amount of protein consumed, the population has seen an alarming increase in obesity. Although he is a little over the top in some of his claims (wheat is more addictive than heroin,etc.) he is spot on and is simply helping Americans see the folly of a dietary system based on wheat and grain consumption.

    A great read and will make you think twice before eating anything claiming to be whole wheat.

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    Vafan har din site med Blues-annika att göra????

  12. 12
    Annika Dahlqvist säger

    @ 11 BW:
    Vem har sagt att den har det?

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